All children reading at grade level through singing

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The Rock 'n' Read Project

The Rock ‘n’ Read Project

2015 Annual Report


Helping children read at grade level through singing.

New Project: Partner’s Program

In 2015, The Rock ‘n’ Read Project started partnering with schools to set up labs, install TUNEin to READING (TiR) software, and provide training for teachers, technical support and ongoing monitoring. TiR is an individualized intervention for struggling readers. Research indicates that struggling readers gain one year of reading achievement (average) in 13.5 hours of singing with the program. The Rock ‘n’ Read Project established computer labs in Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) Lucy Craft Laney Elementary (95% students of color), Richard Green Central Elementary (83% students of color), and Wellstone International High School (100% new immigrants). The goal is that by learning to read fluently, children of color achieve at grade level, and this will close the achievement gap. Due to curriculum demands, Lucy Craft Laney students were unable to use TiR for the minimum number of hours by the end of the school year. However, twenty-one 2nd-5th grade special education students—many of whom had been stuck for years at a first grade reading level—gained an average of 1/3 year in reading in only 7-11 hours on the program. This growth supports the research results. In fall 2015, The Rock ‘n’ Read Project installed a dedicated lab at MPS Richard Green Central Elementary. 150 3rd-5th grade students were assessed for reading, and 60 students were chosen to use the software. The reading progress between the two groups will be compared during the 2015-2016 year. In November, 25 computers were installed in a reading teacher’s classroom at MPS Wellstone International High School where 17-21-year-old students who have just recently arrived in the U.S. are using the singing program to learn to read English. 

New Video

Our main sponsor, Luther Auto, created a video about The Rock ‘n’ Read Project. The video includes interviews with a number of students at Lucy Craft Laney elementary school.

The video can be accessed on:


The Rock ‘n’ Read Project website

The Rock ‘n’ Read Bus

In summer 2014, the Rock ‘n’ Read Project’s start-up year, our mobile computer lab with TiR software served 200 students in north Minneapolis. The bus was not used in summer 2015. Plans are underway to serve students in the Hopkins School District SMARTS program in summer 2016.

Future Projects

The Rock ‘n’ Read Project plans to provide staff development for classroom teachers in Affirming Parallel Concepts (APC), a strategy that uses singing and singing games to consciously practice reading skills. Classroom teachers learn how to use singing and singing games in their classrooms to practice reading skills that lead to higher reading achievement.

Source of Funding

The Rock ‘n’ Read Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is funded through private donations. In 2015, our largest donor was Luther Automotive Group. They funded the purchase of 60 used computers, headsets with microphones, ongoing support and monitoring of the TiR software program, and a video about The Rock ‘n’ Read Project.

Our Supporters

The Rock ‘n’ Read Project is financially supported by a number of small donors, a few larger private donors, a non-profit foundation and one large corporate donor. In addition we have corporate sponsors who have supported us with beneficial services and pricing on major purchases. The Rock ‘n’ Read Project was accepted as a GiveMN organization, and participated in the Give to the Max Day, November 12, 2015.


In 2015 our major program was installing 4 mobile computer at Lucy Craft Laney Elementary in Minneapolis and then utilizing those computers in labs at Green Central Elementary and Wellstone International High School in Minneapolis. The program costs in 2015 were $18,395.83 and the income was $15,000. For the 2015 Profit and Loss Statement, click HERE.



Current Assets            $9,371.80

Fixed Assets              $12,000.00

TOTAL ASSETS        $21,371.80


Current Liabilities       $10,000.00


Unrestricted                $11,371.80

Restricted                           $ 0.00

TOTAL NET ASSETS   $11,371.80

Letter from Board Chair & Executive Director 

The Rock ‘n’ Read Project was the “brainchild” of our co-founders Bill Jones and Ann C. Kay who are determined to fulfill our mission of “Helping children read at grade level through singing.” Ann, through her passion for music, has launched many projects to get people making music. Using a software program to help children learn to read through singing appears to hold great potential for struggling readers.

Co-founder Bill Jones acts as our Executive Director and has coordinated the implementation of our projects at the direction of the Board of Directors. Bill handles our day-to-day matters and coordinates the installation of labs, technical support and working with students. Ann coordinates professional development and develops relationships with schools.

The Board of Directors is very excited with the pending opportunities to develop partnerships with more schools and community organizations.

Board Chair: Don Arnold

Board Members: Iris Altamirano, Pippi Ardennia, Bill Jones, Ann Kay, Shelley Miner, Anna Quirk, Don Samuels, and Brady Zubke.

The Rock ‘n’ Read Project website: 
Bill Jones, Executive Director 
The Rock ‘n’ Read Project 
5120 Lee Way 
Minnetonka, MN 55345