Helping children read at grade level through singing

The Rock 'n' Read Project


Helping children read at grade level through singing


If you can’t read, you can’t succeed. Children who do not read at grade level struggle to keep up, and often drop out of school. Reading is the most important factor in closing the achievement gap.


The Rock ‘n’ Read Project implements proven, research-based instructional  strategies that have demonstrated dramatic improvement in reading achievement. Neuroscience research has shown that beat syncronization (chanting and singing while keeping a beat) enables brains for language acquisition and reading. Singing is the fastest way to learn new vocabulary, and increase comprehension and fluency. 

Founded by Bill Jones and Ann Kay, the Rock 'n' Read Project is a 501(c)3 Minnesota nonprofit organization run by a board of directors. The first project in summer 2014 serving children in north Minneapolis at a summer school and YMCA with a mobile computer lab on a bus with a software that uses singing to dramatically boost reading.       

Rock 'n' Read Bus 
Create a mobile computer lab with TUNEin to Reading software program that uses singing to boost reading and has research studies showing amazing achievement: 1 year of reading gain (average) in 13.5 hours over 9 weeks. Research

Rock 'n' Read labs in schools
Partner with schools to use TiR with struggling readers during the school day.