All children reading at grade level through singing

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The Rock 'n' Read Project

Making Music Enables the Brain
Neuroscientists have found that keeping a steady beat and making music enable a brain that is more capable of acquiring language, reading, doing math, planning, creating, focusing, and more. See neuroscientists Dr. Nina Kraus (auditory processing), Dr. Nadine Gaab (speech processing), and Dr. Usha Goswami (dyslexia).

Accidental Discovery

A 12-year old singing with a software program called Singing Coach jumped up dramatically in reading. Research by the University of South Florida found that students singing with the software improved dramatically, so the company created an individualized reading intervention called TUNEin to READING (TiR) that won the 2007 Wall Street Journal Innovative Software Award.

Research Results with TiR

Struggling readers who sing with TiR three times/week for 30 minutes (13.5 hrs) for nine weeks gain 1 year (on average) in reading achievement. 

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Researcher explains first study

2016 Reading Results with Minnesota Students

Students at Minneapolis Public Schools Richard Green Central who used TiR for the minimum 13+ hours made up to double the reading gain (overall) than students who were also not proficient in reading in the fall.

1.  All 3rd-5th graders were assessed Sept. 1 using the on-line FASTBridge reading test 
        (developed at the U of MN).
2.  All 3rd-5th graders received their regular reading instruction. 
3.  60 students used TiR during weekly all-school intervention times.
4.  All 3rd-5th graders were assessed with the FAST test on Feb. 1st after 18 weeks.