All children reading at grade level through singing

A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

The Rock 'n' Read Project


All children reading at grade level through singing


Using singing to unlock children's potential for reading and learning


  • Putting the child at the center
  • Singing to enable the brain to read and learn
  • Inspiring a love of learning through the joy of singing
  • Reading as a gateway to achievement and future success
  • The relentless pursuit of creative, enlivening, transformational approaches to learning
  • Honoring the communities we serve by listening to and learning from them
  • Inclusion and collaboration as we partner with schools and communities


If you can’t read, you can’t succeed. 


Neuroscience research has shown that the ability to keep a steady beat and music-making enables the brain for reading and learning. Singing is a highly effective (and fun) way to learn new vocabulary and increase comprehension and fluency. 


The Rock 'n' Read Project, a 501(c)3 Minnesota nonprofit organization, was founded in 2014 by Bill Jones and Ann Kay. The Rock ‘n’ Read Project uses research-based strategies that use singing to improve reading achievement.

Rock 'n' Read Bus
Mobile computer lab with TUNEin to Reading software program

Rock 'n' Read Labs
Computer labs with TUNEin to Reading in schools