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TiR Research 
A 12-year-old struggling reader using with a software program designed to improve singing suddenly became fluent in reading. Subsequent research by the University of South Florida found that students singing with the software improved one year (on average) over nine weeks. The company then created TUNE into Reading The software won the 2007 Wall Street Journal Innovative Software Award.

See video of University of South Florida r
esearcher Dr. Susan Homan (below right):

Minnesota State Pilot Shows Phenomenal Gains in Reading 

1/3 of 4th and 5th graders who scored at the bottom reading level (Does Not Meet) on the 2017 Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) went up a level (to Partly Meets) on the 2018 MCA after singing and reading songs for about 14 hours.

The graphs below compare 634 4th and 5th graders in 2017-'18 at 9 schools: 150 TiR participants and 484 non-TiR participants on 2017 to 2018 MCA-III reading scores. There was a statistically significant drop in Does Not Meet for TiR participants. TiR participants who were below grade level achieved greater growth than their non-TiR peers.